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It seems that in this day and age and thanks to ATV's and Semi-Trucks, the old American Cowboy way of life is disappearing. Most ranching and cattle operations rely on this modern "horsepower" rather than actually using horses for most of the cattle work. Collecting and preserving some of the old cowboy gear, when we are lucky enough to find it, is one way we can preserve some of that way of life. More......



The Old West is as much a state of mind as it was a reality. Call it hope. Possibility.Individualism. The need for Adventure. It is America’s boldest legend.

At the heart of this legend is the cowboy with his heroic image as a hard-riding, fast-shooting hero. The tools of his trade have become highly desired collectible items. Perhaps owning some of these items that were everyday pieces of equipment to the cowboy gives us a sense of being a part of that legend.




Probably the most important piece of equipment the cowboy had was his saddle. Basically, whatever equipment he wasn't wearing was stored on his saddle from the rope across the saddle horn to the saddle bags and bedroll tied on the back. Another important piece of equipment that is highly collectible today were his spurs. Spurs came in many styles and ranged from plain, no frills iron spurs to fancy silver decorated Mexican style spurs. You'll find a good selection of styles and price ranges in our spur category.